Taylor Barnett-Torabi

Taylor Climbing in Clear Creek Canyon

Responsibility | Analytical | Harmony | Input | Communication

Taylor Barnett-Torabi is a Staff Developer Advocate at PlanetScale. She is passionate about building great developer experiences with an emphasis on empathy and inclusion within product, documentation, and other community-focused projects. She also created devrel-ladders.com, a project to help encourage and advance career ladders in the Developer Relations field.

After leaving software engineering roles at a couple of companies, Taylor led Developer Relations at Stoplight, an API design management platform, and worked with the developer community, SDKs, and documentation at Keen, a data analytics API company. Most recently, she was a Senior Community Engineer at Transposit, where she worked across the organization on Developer Relations, integration engineering, and content. She has spoken on developer experience (including API design), SDKs, OpenAPI, developer empathy, and building developer communities at conferences such as O'Reilly OSCON, Monktoberfest, LonghornPHP, API Specifications Conference (also the conference co-chair), GlueCon, API Strategy & Practice, API the Docs, AlterConf, DevRelCon, DevXcon, and various meetups.

In her free time, she's either touching grass (rock climbing, hiking, skiing, gardening, or just spending time outside), trying to find the funkiest sour beers, or hanging out with her corgi, Yoda, and spouse, in Austin, Texas (Nʉmʉnʉʉ Sookobitʉ, Coahuiltecan, Tonkawa, and Lipan Apache lands).