Taylor Barnett


Taylor Climbing in Clear Creek Canyon

Responsibility | Analytical | Harmony | Input | Communication

Taylor Barnett is the lead Community Engineer at Stoplight, a platform for designing, documenting, mocking-up, and testing web APIs. At Stoplight, she leads community and open source strategy and contributes to support, documentation, and content. She is passionate about building great developer experiences with an emphasis on empathy and inclusion within documentation, support, open source, and other community-focused projects.

Previously, Taylor led developer community, documentation, and SDKs at Keen. She has spoken about developer experience, SDKs, inclusion, and building developer communities, including open source communities, at conferences such as O'Reilly OSCON, GlueCon, multiple API Strategy & Practices, API the Docs, AlterConf, DevRelCon, DevXcon, Hackcon, and various local meetups.

In her free time, she's either climbing rocks with friends, trying to find the funkiest sour beers, or hanging out with her corgi, Yoda.